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Our Plans

Warranty Elite has multiple extended service contracts to choose from. Whether you simply need a comprehensive "Basic" powertrain warranty or our bumper to bumper "Elite" warranty, we can help. All of our products are backed by an "A" rated insurance carrier.


Why Warranty Elite?

We know there are many auto warranty companies to choose from. That is why Warranty Elite is leading the way in providing unparalleled coverage and and product transparency. We are the only auto warranty company to allow you to get a quote without having to enter any personal information.Our products are "A" rated. This means that we are rated among the highest in the industry as far as financial strength and protection. Our plans provide nationwide coverage and allow you to take your vehicle to your choice of over 400,000 service professionals. Warranty Elite is....


Compare Our Auto Warranty Plans

It's simple, when you look at our coverage and our prices we are among the best you can buy. We offer 4 levels of coverage so you can choose the coverage that meets your needs. Our plans are nationwide and accepted by more than 400,000 service professionals nationwide. All our plans have Towing, Car Rental, Roadside Assistance Coverage....

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