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Warranty 101

With so many options out there, understanding warranties can be a difficult and cumbersome process, WarrantyElite.com was designed so that you know exactly what a warranty is and more importantly exactly what are plans cover.

Warranty 101 was designed to provide you with in-depth information so that you could understand the terms used and frequent questions that come our customers typically ask us.

What is an Extended Warranty?
Most new vehicles purchased these days come with a warranty - this is an agreement between the manufacturer and the customer that should anything break, malfunction, or otherwise go wrong with the vehicle within a certain period of time (typically 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first), then the manufacturer will repair or replace the component at no cost to the customer.

Extended auto warranties are designed to offer similar peace of mind by literally extending the length of time a customer can expect to receive such coverage.

Why Warranty Elite?
Warranty Elite is backed by an A rated insurance company with over $20 billion in assets. This means that our plans are among the highest rated in the industry. Furthermore, our plans allow you to choose where you want to get your car repaired anywhere nationwide. All of our products have Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption, Car rental, Towing, and Tire Road Hazard included. Please call us with any questions, our reps all have insurance licenses and would be more than happy to discuss with you the finer points of what you should look for in a warranty.