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About Us

Welcome to WarrantyElite.com! We are the premier internet destination for extended service contracts. Our products are underwritten by one of the leading Insurance companies in the United States and are "A rated" by A.M. Best. This means that our products are among the most finacially secure and accepted in the market.Our carrier has over 20 billion in assets and last year paid over $25 million in claims.

As the auto industry continues to evolve, we believe that consumers will demand a premium product at a reasonable price. Furthermore, consumers are more savy than ever when it comes to automotive purchases. Consumers understand that extended warranties sold through dealerships often are marked up exorbinantly and often are not fully comprehensive. As a result of these market trends, Warranty Elite was founded to provide the best product in the Industry at an affordable price. Warranty Elite's products and their coverage are fully disclosed upfront so that you know what your options truly are.

Warranty Elite stands behind all of our products and has designed the purchasing experience to be hassle free. Our service contracts are accepted at dealerships and repair shops around the country. Our service contracts are fully transferable, which adds to the resale value of your vehicle. We have multiple coverage options from which to choose, at price points for every budget.

Our site is designed to provide full transparency on all our coverages and plans. Warranty Elite is the first site that you can easily get a quote without entering any personal information. Warranty Elite does not solicit with mailers, emails, or phone calls. If you do not find what you are looking for or would like to talk with an associate, please call our customer service line and we will be glad to help you!