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The Elite Plan is our most comprehensive plan. In fact, the Elite Plan provides mechanical breakdown protection for all original equipment factory installed mechanical and electrical parts and assemblies of your vehicle, EXCEPT for those parts and services listed under the “General Exclusions” section of the service contract.

Examples of parts and services not covered are:
Batteries, hoses, belts, tires, wheels, wheel covers, light bulbs, sealed beams, lenses, shock absorbers, seat belt systems, exhaust systems/ catalytic converters, brake rotors, brake drums, brake shoes, brake pads, anti-theft systems, speakers, cellular phones, upholstery, paint, glass, trim, moldings, weather strip, body panels, sheet metal, bumpers, convertible top, vinyl top, rust, corrosion, water leaks, air leaks, physical damage and carburetor(s), thermostat, clutch system, snow plow equipment, conversion van component package, Any equipment not installed by the manufacturer.

Please refer to the service contract for complete information regarding coverage. Because our plans do not require a vehicle inspection prior to purchase, ALL PASSENGER and CAR/TRUCK plans have an exclusionary period of thirty days(30) and one thousand miles (1000). Exclusionary period does not apply in Georgia, Mississippi & Minnesota in the United States.


In addition to our Elite Plan coverage detailed above, you have the advantage of extra benefits such as:

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Mechanical First Aid: Any service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable a disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power (where available)

Tire Service: The changing of a flat tire with an inflatable spare.

Battery Service: Attempting to start a vehicle with a booster battery.

Delivery Service: We will cover the cost of delivering fuel or fluid to your disablement location.

Towing Service: We cover any tow in full that is 25 miles or less.

Locksmith Services: If keys are locked inside the vehicle, a locksmith will be dispatched for service.

Car Rental: In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered component, the agreement provides substitute transportation in the amount of $35 per 8 hours of approved labor time. Total amount of coverage is $175 per a mechanical breakdown. Transportation must be provided by dealer or a duly licensed rental agency.

Coverage Throughout the United States and Canada :You are protected when away from home. Any qualified repair facility can make authorized repairs.

Trip Interruption: In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered component or part and you are more than 100 miles away from home, we will reimburse you for expenses (meals/lodging) up to a maximum of $50 per day for each eight hours of labor. Maximum benefit is $200.