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Warranty Elite’s plans allow our policyholders to take their vehicle to any ASE certified repair shop in the country. This includes your local dealer. Simply provide the repair shop the Claims Customer Service Number , That’s It! Warranty Elite will work with the repair shop directly. The only out of pocket expense you will have for covered work is the deductible, that is only if you choose a plan that has one.

How to Report a Claim
Simply take your vehicle to any ASE certified mechanic and provide them with the Claims Customer Service Number. They will work directly with our claims department to authorize the work and for payment. If your vehicle can not be driven, contact a tow service and have them deliver to the nearest repair shop. All towing is covered 100% when towing is under 25 miles.

Repair Locations
With Warranty Elite, it’s never been easier to choose a repair shop. Simply choose a facility that is ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence) There are over 400,000 ASE certified mechanics in the United States!